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Establishing a Structured Training Environment by Brady Walmsley

Brady Walmsley is the State Performance Manager for basketball in Queensland North, an unbelievably passionate and knowledgeable coach who has kindly shared his notes for an upcoming coaching clinic.

Why = a general need for improvement in our coach driven training standards in the practice environment.

Practice Planning

  • Plan it = Non-negotiable for good coaches. Must be working to a plan. Energy capacity, not time capacity — invest what you can invest.

  • Theme it = work to a theme eg. ‘Individual & Team Defence’. Plans must have direction & purpose. Relevant progressions and evolutions to drills.

  • Increase competition = Add time & score to everything. Increases competitiveness, adds urgency and improves time/score situational awareness. Game sense — 1v1

  • More reps; less rest = maximise time spent. More action for our athletes. Less coach talk & more coaching on the run. Establish drill pattern, get reps, make improvements on the go.

  • Don’t forget the foundations = Prioritise the development of skills & habits which underpin the game. Multi-purpose drills which train a variety of skills. Be hard on habits.

  • Encourage exploration = Incorporate opportunities for player exploration and skill testing. ‘Open’ drills. Be comfortable in the chaos.

  • 30/30/30 rule = A basic guide for planning. 30 mins of skill development, 30 minutes of teaching concepts, 30 minutes of scrimmage.

Establishing Standards & Expectations

  • Behavioural Non-Negotiables = On time — pre practice/drink breaks. Eye contact. Run in/run out.

  • Accountability = Establish non-negotiables & then be sure enforce/reinforce them. Players notice EVERY TIME you don’t apply the same rules equally.

  • Energy finds energy = Player driven energy is ideal. Coach driven is a necessity in place of that. Coach it up to the level. Have a pulse.

  • Image = Look like a coach — punctual. Reliable. Resourced. Personal appearance.

  • Training balance = environment needs a balance of challenge & enjoyment. Created by both training structure & coach messaging.

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