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Loyola-Chicago HC: Porter Moser — TABC Clinic Notes

Please enjoy the following notes from the 2018 Texas Association of Basketball Coaches Clinic by coach of Loyola Chicago Porter Moser.

  • “Every rep counts” — critical to our culture wall.

  • At the start of every second half, we sold we were in better condition than every team.

Full Court Shooting Drill

  • 3v0, 3 Lines, 2 minutes, 3 shots per repetition.

  • Cannot be any breaks, must sprint back.

  • 3 Shots: Dead Corner, Pinch In, Trail

  • Great drill to create mayhem, must sprint back and figure out the lines.

  • Target: 2 minutes, 26 makes.

Who really are the shooters on your team?

  • Coach Majerus with the dream team

  • Majerus: Reggie what are you shooting from the FT line? Reggie: 92.3%

  • Majerus: What about you Shaq? Shaq: About 60%

  • Great shooters know their numbers.

  • When you shoot on your own set goals and accountability.

Skill Work

  • 15 minutes, every single day this time was never cut short.

  • Defensive skill work, positional skill work and combined skill work.

Close Out Drill

  • You achieve what you emphasise.

  • “Reach for the lights.” — Get vertical and show your hands at the rim.

  • Division 1 fewest fouls — number 1 team was Virginia and we were 2nd.

  • Majerus: “show your hands”, “through you to the rim” and always jump second.”

  • Can your players recite the things you think are important?

  • You are giving people baskets when you put your hands in.

  • When we stunt we “help with the hip” another Majerus-ism.

Frame (1): Hard close out to the elbow take away the shot.

Frame (2): One big defensive slides while having hands OUT.

Frame (3): Sprint and recover, then jump and be vertical at the ring while “reach for the lights.”

Switching Defence

  • You can’t just tell them to switch, must have teaching points.

  • “Talk it, touch it, switch it, deny it.”

  • We say “SWITCH UP” — meaning we switch up the floor to shooters, moving towards the ball. Outside hand up high, cannot switch back (passive).

  • The person who receives the switch is talking it.

  • Switching DHO: the person guarding the initial receiver’s job is “no wheels” meaning can’t let them fake it and turn the corner.

  • Away Screens: must be touch, or else we will lose somebody.

  • Inbounds plays: must switch to the inside and show your hands, no slips to the rim.

  • Must be on the loud side when switching.

3v3 Shell Drill

  • Nose on high shoulder, we don’t give up middle.

  • “Hot feet” on the split line.

  • Offence: once we get people on our hip, we keep them there.

  • Body up, body in, straight line drives = draw fouls.

  • Conversely: defence must push out on first side and stay slow, nose on chest.

  • Movement on the drive: never be 3 in a row, we love the one more pass.

Last Second BLOB

  • Stole this from a high school coach.

  • Best shooter(2) sprints to the corner, 4 tries to duck his guy in force him to chase.

  • 5 takes a few steps down the lane, 1 follows.

  • 1 Back screens 5, he spins off and throw lob pass for a tip or catch and finish.

What is Your Time Out Philosophy?

  • Practice in your mind, practice on paper, practice in practice.

  • On the last play of the game — do you take the ball and attack? or call a time out.

  • We loved to attack.

  • If you call one, what are the chance that you can get the ball in?

  • Free Throws: sub a shooter when you are up, kill their momentum to attack and allow your defence to set up.

  • When you are down on free throws and need a 3, rebounders jump with your inside hand and tip the ball back like a jump ball. Negates fouling.

Closing Thoughts

  • You are going to have highs and lows in your career, I have had both.

  • I have been fired, I have been to the Final Four.

  • If I was to get a tattoo it would be “Fall seven and rise up eight.”

  • The more stones you un-turn, the more chance you are going to find a diamond.

  • You have to stay balance, never sacrifice your family or your faith.

  • You can completely reinvent yourself.

Want to Know More?

If you would like to continue the basketball conversation, provide your thoughts or ideas please message me on Twitter @jackfleming1 or e-mail me at

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