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Luke Walton - The Lakers Way

Coaching U Live 2018 Clinic Notes

What I Have Learned in the NBA

1. Create a Culture

- Our work ethic

- Do we have fun?

- Compassion: we want to be a family, consider what is going on in real life outside of basketball within your team.

- Competition: we keep a winners board, every drill for the day. We want to be a team that thrives in stressful situations.

2. Preparation and Planning

- How do we create fun within the most boring drills?

- You better be prepared for situations before they come.

- Anticipate problems that might happen, be a step ahead.

- Starts with your staff meetings, keep checking in.

- Our players know the game so well.

3. Relationships and Trust

- If they don’t think you’re in it to help them, your knowledge is useless.

- Go out of your way to build relationships.

- Then when it’s time to hold them accountable, they will know that you are in it with them.

Lakers Identity

- We wanted to be the best fast paced team in the NBA.

- Any good fast break team has to be able to get stops, that’s where it starts.

- Our strength was our versatility — we gave our bigs (Randle) the freedom to start the break.

- Fill these spots: deep corners, dunker, pro lane extended, point guard

- What do you want your identity to be?

  • The more ownership you can give to your players the better

Transition Offence

  • Most of the time, we can fill any spot on the floor.

  • Steve Nash cut = catch it on the sweep, never stationary.

  • Pace without space is a nightmare.

  • We have the best players in the world, so give them the freedom & creativity to make plays.

  • Floor spots = dead corners, pro lane extended, dunker spot (weak side behind the backboard), point guard

  • 5 trips = wing kick x 2, over the top to big, Drag Screen short roll, point guard create.

  • Has to be some type of flow from transition into secondary action = swing through trail big and get into your secondary action.

Final Thoughts

  • Culture and values never change within any team I coach

  • Positionless basketball is where the game is headed, switching takes away specialists.

  • Phil Jackson = best at staying level, being present and embracing the moment.

  • Meditation = the opposite of how the world works now, but being present is the ultimate skill in sports.

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