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Bob McKillop — Freelance Offence

Coaching clinic in 2016 by Bob Mckillop, Head Coach of the Davidson Wildcats and famous for his free flowing motion offence.

I give my players:

  • Great freedom

  • But Great responsibility

Trust Your Teaching

  • I used to not trust my teaching or my players.

  • My style of play is who I am.

  • Your personality must fit your offence.

  • Mine is belief and confidence.

Motion Offence

  • Rubio is struggling because his freedom has been taken from him.

  • 24 second shot clock causes people to run more set plays.

  • Play breakdown = pick and roll.

  • The Italians say sex, drugs, pick and roll.

Davidson Basketball

  • On a breakdown, we know what to do.

  • PG: middle of the floor, get a piece of the circle then attack an elbow.

  • First big to the rim. Wings to Corners.

  • Trail 3 is the highest % 3pt shot, also gives us great chance for a rebound.

  • This is where the freedom begins.

Pillars of Our System

  1. Attack Space

  • The game is a fight for space.

  • More space = more shooting. More space = better shooting.

2. Catch and See

  • Dribbling ruins vision.

3. It is Okay to Dribble

  • To drive the ball

  • To centre the ball

  • Dribble to force help.

  • Dribble to force help.

4. Finish Cuts

  • All the way to the 3pt line.

5. Help Somebody

  • Cut, screen, pass fake.

3v3 Screening Drill

  • Set up: 2 posts, player at top. Coaches on wings.

  • No dribbles, reverse ball and down screen.

  • Sprint to screen.

  • See your target.

  • Point ass to point of attack.

Using Screens

  • Better late than early

  • Get closer to your man as screen is coming.

  • Flesh to flesh contact.

Teach your players what a good shot is.

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