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Erik Spoelstra Clinic Notes — Late Game Offence

2011 Junior Orange Bowl Basketball Clinic

  • Concern with a lack of fundamentals, even in the NBA

  • Start our practice with fundamentals every single day

  • Conditioning — this is a 94 foot game

How do you manage a team with superior talent?

  • Demand all players are treated the same.

  • Jay Wright: everyone’s role is different, but everyone’s status is the same.

  • They want structure and they want routine.

  • Must be competent, know the game. It never stops.

  • Must manage personalities.

Being a Head Coach

  • One seat over: AC to HC is a monstrous difference.

  • Build relationships into your schedule, 10 minutes with each players per week.

  • Integrity: be who you say you are. Admit you’re wrong or when you messed up.

  • Media: never take anything personally. They’re just doing their job. This constant pressure brought our group closer together.

Focus On The Process

  • Championship level defence was what we took pride in, Miami Heat staple.

  • Learn how to play together, always a challenge with a new team.

  • Feel fortunate and grateful every single day.

  • Put together a staff improvement program: studying Europe, NBA, College amongst our staff.

Late Game Plays

  • In the NBA you’re kept in a constant state of humility, by how good the coaching is.

Doc Rivers — High School

  • 0.7 seconds left, down 1

  • Stole this play while watching his son in a high school game.

  • We never thought they would run a lob for Rondo.

Detroit Pistons

  • 0.7 seconds left, down 1

  • Backdoor lob for their worst player

Don Nelson

  • Down 1, 0.5 seconds left

  • Never seen a gate play as a back screen, we thought they were going the other way.

Chicago Bulls

  • Great versus the switch out

  • Creates confusion with the flare screen, multiple options to get a shot

San Antonio Spurs

  • Pop = genius

  • Down 2, 3 seconds left

  • Simple play for Ginobli on his left hand (I have drawn play on the wrong side)

Ending Thoughts

  • The game has been good to us, so make sure you give back to the game.

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