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Sergio Scariolo — Spain Pick & Roll

Sergio Scariolo — Head Coach of the Spanish National Team which won a bronze medal in Rio 2016 and silver in London 2012, also assistant coach of the Toronto Raptors delivers a clinic on the Spain Pick & Roll. These set plays are a dream for all the X’s and O’s nerds out there, while the teaching points and counters demonstrate the deep understanding Scariolo has of the game. Full clinic is provided in the link below.


  • This is not the bible, this is what I do.

  • U12’s to National Team: we want to build layers of concepts on what they’ve done prior.

  • Philosophy matches all the way from youngest athletes to our national team.

  • Spain Pick & Roll: I’m sure there would’ve been somebody doing this prior.

Spain Pick & Roll

  • Progression from pick and roll, defence has caught up therefore the offence must react.

  • Foresee what the D is doing, and catch them by surprise.

Set Up & Teaching Points

  • Do not release from the back screen until the roller gets past you.

  • Be there for the screen on the PG’s 2nd Bounce.

  • Foul line = decision making area for the point guard.

  • Cannot get too deep, especially against the best defence their own shot will be taken away.

  • Back screens are less effective if they know it’s coming.

Vs Deep Drops Coverage

(a) If the post is a big inside player

  • change angle of screen towards corner of back board.

(b) If the post can shoot the mid range

  • Change angle for short pop to elbow.

  • 3 must stay in the corner, and can continue onto DHO.

Vs Switch or Long Help

  • Forget the back screen, the advantage has been created.

  • Reduce the complexity. Build a triangle for inside.

  • If they bump do not fight.

  • Find deep position. Spin, reverse pivot and hold.

Vs Roller Bump

(a) Guard Slip

  • When we feel disconnection we cut to the basket.

  • Make back screener bigger player such as 4 in this instance.

(b) Big Pin Down

Half Court Set Plays

Vs Trapping Defence

  • Need to move the ball side to side and form a triangle.

  • Get rid of the ball as soon as they jump out.

  • Better to attack the trap from Side Pick and Roll.

  • 4 must stay on the 3pt line, no higher.



  • When we want to protect our PG and ensure he catches it where we want. Ricky Rubio for example.


  • Misdirection, we want everybody to think it’s for the shooter.


Horns Double


  • Teaching reading and reacting involves mandatorily knowing what the defence is doing.

  • HELP YOUR PLAYERS — run the right pick and roll vs the defence.

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