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  • Jack Fleming

How To Win With Less Talent - Will Voigt

Transcendent Themes

How can your team be special?

  • What can you be the best at your conference at?

  • Give yourself a chance in your league.

  • How do we as the Nigerian national team, be in the game vs Spain in the final 2 minutes?

  • You want to CREATE not EMULATE.

How is your culture unique to your team?

  • What do you have with your team that nobody else has?

  • Maybe it’s a drill, a team outing,

  • All Blacks NZ Rugby Team: haka, sweeping the sheds by the older players sets the example for the younger players

  • Japan knocked out in the World Cup — clean the locker room, leave a note written in Russian thanking the host.

Good to Great by Jim Collins

  • Hedgehog concept = good is the enemy of great.

  • Are you a hedgehog or a fox?

  • The fox knows many things, but the hedgehog knows one big thing.

  • Not realistic to think you can be great at a multitude of things

  • What can you REALISTICALLY be GREAT at?


  • Development of the staff is just as important as the development of the players.

  • You can have more impact on the game by developing coaches, than you can developing players.

  • Those below you are the crucial components to your program.

International Game

  • If you are a college or high school coach, you should be watching the international game more than the NBA.

  • The defensive 3 second rule and the NBA 3pt line changes how the game looks

  • European coaches have had to deal with more pick and roll far longer than the NBA.

  • Get your mind thinking about what you have not seen before

Shell Drill

  • Why the hell do you do 4 man shell drill?

  • Rotation and movements are longer, can kill your buy in.

  • Post player is a big part of it

  • Are you a pressure team or a KYP (know your personnel) team?

  • There is only one language that matters, the one that you create for your team.

  • Everybody must know what those words mean.

Components of Shell

Skill 1: jumping in the direction of the pass

Skill 2: rotation out of a drive — slot then baseline

  • Corner three will get you killed

  • Rotation = GO, doesn’t have to be aggressive just stop the lay up.

  • Sink guy to a BODY, if it goes up it’s an automatic block out.

  • Don’t sink to an area


  • Peel guard to guard rotation

- Straight rotation on baseline drive automatic go

2 for 1 situations

  • Are you teaching your team to rush it in, or walk the ball up the floor?

  • Why in the NBA do you call time outs to set your offence, but in college you run time outs to set your defence?

  • At what time point when you are up 3 will you foul? Serbia it is 20 seconds, they want to be in control of the situation.

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