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Mike Dunlap - 7 Points of Defensive Transition

Mike Dunlap is currently the assistant coach for the Milwaukee Bucks, previous head coach at Loyola Marymount University and a short stint as Head Coach with the Charlotte Bobcats.

  1. Shot Balance

How many do you send to the offensive glass?

(a) Triangle and 2 Back

(b) 4 and 1 Back

(c) 5 to the Glass

(d) All 5 back

The options are endless, but you have to decide what you are willing to prioritise. Does it fit your spacing? Does it fit your personnel? Does it fit your philosophy?

2. Pick Up the Ball

Where? What's your point of confrontation?

(a) Dunlap - immediately, jam the rebounder.

(b) Majerus - pick it up at half court.

Be aware of game slippage, wherever you say it will be further back than that.

3. Sprint Your Lane

Stop the ball, protect the basket. Need a goalie.

  • First 3 steps are everything.

  • Defensive lanes just like offensive transition.

  • Forget your man, get behind the line of the ball.

  • Load all 5 to the ball side, the weak side will not beat you in transition.

4. Match Up

- Identify the threats on the floor.

- Who am I guarding? Shooter/driver/post.

5. Rotation

  • Can't have hesitation in your defence, cannot have 'splits' in the full court.

  • Ball pressure and communication, we want an aggressive defence.

  • Can always take the dogs off, but hard to ramp it up if your team is indecisive.

  • Simple rules = closest person goes.

6. Contest All Shots

  • Hands to the sky, above the ball on all shots.

  • 17% decline in FG with a hand up.

  • Value of small efforts, you are what you measure.

7. Rebound

  • All mistakes can be forgotten with a great block out and rebound.

  • All defensive effort prior can be lost with a missed block out.

  • Every drill is a rebounding drill.

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