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Lawrence Frank 2012 Coaching U Live - Preparing For a Job Interview

Do your due diligence before you step in the door:

Background of the Owner/AD

  • Family

  • Core Values

  • Previous hires/why they haven’t worked

  • Who are the key decision makers?

  • Who has influence on the key decision makers?

  • Evaluate personnel

Why Should They Select You?

  • How can you separate yourself?

  • What is your niche (offence, defence, player development)

  • How can you improve players?

  • Create a winning culture and environment

  • Can they see themselves working with you every day?

Areas Need to Know

  • Background

  • Basketball philosophy

  • Staff

  • Relationship w AD

  • Organisation and structure

  • Player development

  • Style of play

  • Media and off the court


  • Which coaches do you admire & why?

  • Who is the best Head coach you have ever worked for? Why?

  • Who is the best assistant you have worked with/for? Why?

  • Where are your strengths as a coach?

  • What are your weaknesses? How are you working to improve these?

  • Who has had the most impact on your professional DNA?

Philosophy (give this a lot of thought)

  • What is the best way to connect with players and earn their respect?

  • What leadership and motivational skills do you use?

  • How do you address and motivational skills do you use?

  • How do you adjust if it changes?

  • Whole team also know all their roles

  • Post it on each players locker

  • What is your process to hold players accountable?

  • What coaches and systems in league impress you?

  • If you get this job, what is your plan? Short and long term?

  • How do you balance with veterans and youth?

  • If you were thh AD, how would you build team?

  • What would you like to team and and organisation to look like?

  • What will be your role as the head coach?

  • Do you believe in offensive/defensive coordinator model?

  • What principles are you non-negotiable on?

  • How do you handle difficult players?

  • What is your discipline philosophy?

  • Offensively is hard for you to play a PG that can’t….. SG that can’t….. Etc

  • Evaluate the current personnel, what is your plan to improve each player?


  • Who are some of the best assistants?

  • What are the most important qualities?

My Qualities

  • Motivated to learn

  • High character

  • Open minded

  • Organised thoughts

  • Ability to adjust

  • Ability to present to team

  • Believe in what we do and own it

  • Patience

  • Ability to confront

  • Consistency

  • Build trust

  • Time management

  • Problem Solver

Staff - Continued

  • Do you have any names in mind?

  • How do you delegate?

  • What did you learn in your past jobs?

  • What are your roles and responsibilities for your coaches?

  • Balance between youth and experience on your staff

  • How many do you need?

  • Would you keep anyone from previous staff?

  • How do you promote chemistry within staff?

  • How do you get feedback, take it, utilise it?

  • What’s your hiring process?

  • How do you offset your weaknesses?

  • What do you need in support staff?

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