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Patrick Hunt — Leadership in Coaching

Patrick Hunt; one of Australian basketball’s finest educators and mentors, FIBA World Association of Basketball Coaches President opens up his greatest leadership lessons at the Basketball Australia Coaches Conference in 2018.

“We want our leaders to be fair dinkum, as much among us as above us.” — Peter Cosgrove

  • Better teams have leaders within leaders.

  • Players are most important.

  • A pro coach leaders his players, assistant coach, team manager, media, strength and conditioning, physio and so many more.

  • Create players who grow, contribute and become better people.

Leader of Systems

- “Simple to complex.”

- There are multiple stakeholders within your organisation — up, down and across.

- The essence is leading a team of teams.

- Create a job description for everybody on your staff, including yourself.

- Master Your Meetings: check in with your staff, how could we help each other do a better job?

- Don’t get distracted, what is the purpose? That’s what we everyone on your team is pursuing.

- Leaders clear the fog = they provide CLARITY.

- Sharing awareness: are you doing something that scares you?

Who You Are as a Coach

- Don’t try and be somebody else, but discover about others.

- Value and Worth Proposition:

(a) Tell people exactly where they stand.

(b) Tell people how valuable they are.

- Collect an independent, objective thought process.

Why Do You Coach?

- Why do you lead?

- What’s the ultimate reward?

- Humility = listening and hearing.

- Your style of delivery is unique, practice your own.

- You must value building and maintaining sincere relationships.

- Committed to something bigger than you.

- Create your greatest interactions right now.

Awareness & Challenge

- Awareness is knowing your values and who you are.

- See things through a different lens.

- Share, include and engage.


- Provide unequivocal support: coaching is challenging find a critical friend.

- “Don’t buy a dog and bark yourself.”

“Comforting the troubled and troubling the comfortable.”

Who is going to be the next you? Who are you preparing?

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