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Impatience with Action, Patience with Results

"Wisdom is just knowing the long term consequences of your actions." - Naval Ravikant

Bill Bradley is a former New York Knick, 2x NBA Champion, 3 term US Senator, 7 time author, ran for President, studied politics, economics and philosophy at Oxford and a successful businessman. His entire life is predicated on his impatience with action, but patience with results.

The following is an excerpt from Mastery by Robert Greene, one my favourite books.

Maybe as a player, you don't get the immediate gratification of a game or the consistency of practice that you're used to right now.

Maybe as a coach, you don't get the instant opportunity to trial your new ideas or the emotional connection that you're used to right now.

Maybe we should have impatience with action - make the call to the coach you want to speak to, get out in the gym and get your shots, watch another game.

There's no better time than right now.

But we might not have any choice to have patience with results - we might not get to put that into a game until a few months later, or try a new way of practice design for a while.

I suspect a lot of people are flattened out by the monotony and break in routine, the novelty has worn off. But we can't let that frustration lead us to do nothing, time is the thing that doesn't stop moving. We can't waste it.

What are you avoiding because the desired outcome is further away than you would like?

Bill Bradley is not waiting around.

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