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You Are Always Trying Out

Back in Melbourne, the land of junior trials are up and running again. While it is a slightly different context remaining Covid safe, all the same themes of issues occur.

Individual skills coaches are flat out with business in the 3-4 weeks right before trials, with extra's who have been nowhere for the other 48 weeks. I am not against time off, or playing other sports but it is not uncommon to see this occur every year.

Parents, athletes and coaches are all stressed out about these make or break 2-4 sessions that ride on the team selection.

But really, you are trying out every single day long before the official sessions begin.

This video below is well worth a watch.

I've heard stories of Matthew Dellavedova pounding 2 balls in a wheelchair at the AIS in a full blown sweat when injured, and here's David Blatt first impression of him from training camp.

Matthew Dellavedova is always trying out, that's maybe how an unathletic white point guard from Maryborough, Victoria ends up in the NBA for multiple contracts and a championship.

You are trying out off the court, that time you didn't get selected.

You are trying out in practice #52 of last season when your team is 3rd last on the ladder and it's the middle of winter.

You are trying out on the bench in the game where you didn't get much court time.

You are trying out in the final game when you are down 20, how did you defend in the last 3 minutes when the game was done.

You are trying out when you post on social media.

You never know who is watching. A Chris Anstey favourite.

People talk. I have spent the last few months talking to previous coaches, school coaches, Director's of Coaching, people from other clubs, state coaches about players trialling where I am.

I have found notes from some of these athletes from 2-3 years ago where I was sitting watching games.

It's not say I'm not trying to make up my own mind, or things don't change. But when similar themes show up from different contexts you know you might be onto something.

When a parent or athlete asks when are the try outs? You are always trying out. You just don't know it.

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